Are you making the most of the opportunities Guest Wi-Fi can provide to your hospitality business?

Panama Communications Ltd can solution, install and maintain your Wi-Fi solution which will enable you to analyse customer behaviour, demographics and ensure targeted marketing opportunities to generate repeat custom. In addition, our skilled installation engineers and reliable infrastructure will ensure you have maximised coverage and availability to satisfy the demands of today’s customers.

Whilst many hospitality outlets – including pubs, restaurants, bars, casinos etc. – understand that it is important to offer Wi-Fi to today’s customers and clientele, we are often contacted by outlets which, once the Wi-Fi is installed, have experienced poor connections or very limited download speeds. This can be very irritating for customers and can lead to dissatisfaction, and a reduction in the numbers of repeat visitors.

Our approach includes a clear scoping element at the outset, to ensure that the Wi-Fi solution provided is fit for purpose and that, most importantly, it provides a reliable, resilient and robust connection that can accommodate all of your guests at the same time.

We can also offer a range of connection options, including free Wi-Fi access for all, differentiated networks for different groups (i.e. password protected networks on different speeds) or paid-for Wi-Fi connectivity utilising a payment portal.

Whether you are an individual outlet, small group or large chain, if you’re looking for a straight forward way to offer free or paid Wi-Fi to your patrons, why not contact us to discuss how we can help, and our range of installation and support options. Please call us on 0845 504 8854 or email helen@panamacommunications.co.uk to speak directly to Helen Hedley, our lead Project Manager.