How old is the telecoms hardware in your estate? Is it still fit for purpose? Do your outlet telephones look tired or, worse still, let you down? We can provide the replacement of existing legacy or new hardware – from a simple analogue handset or telephone system phone to a full VOIP system, contact Panama Communications Ltd. All units can be delivered next working day or fitted by our engineers if required.

We provide a full range of telecoms hardware services, from appraisal and inventory of your current systems to the design, specification, delivery and installation of a multi-site system; either as an initial roll-out or as part of a refurbishment package for part or all of an estate – for more details, visit our specific page dedicated to Installs, Moves and Changes (IMACS).

Our extensive experience in the industry has resulted in a succession of satisfied clients, including some of the biggest name in the hospitality industry. We believe that this is in part due to our ability to identify and recommend the correct telecoms hardware for the job, and ensure that the systems around it are fit for purpose.

So, don’t miss table bookings or reservations – call 0845 504 8854 or get in touch via our contact form for a no obligation discussion. We are happy to discuss our general approach with you in more detail, or to discuss your specific circumstances and how our hardware upgrade or replacement service could be of use to your organisation.